[0] (zerospace) Conference wrap-up 2013

The 2013 ZeroSpace Conference on distance and interaction spanned two days and featured researchers, artists and musicians from around the world examining aesthetic, cultural, technological and environmental issues of distance and interaction in the 21st Century. Performances featured works employing telematic and network technology, and exploring conceptual notions of distance.

Highlights of the festival for me personally included John Durham Peters’ talk on the ”Vicissitudes of Interaction at a Distance;” Daniel Blinkhorn’s U.S. premiere of FrostByte performed by myself with Ben Carey in Sydney; Glen Whitehead and Sarah O’Halloran’s performance of my Golden Sparrow for trumpet, embodied light and electronics; Roger Mills’ Ethernet Orchestra performance featuring incredible musicians improvising across the network from Australia, Canada and Brazil; the MICE premiere of Doug van Nort’s new piece composed specifically for the conference; and Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver sharing some of their recent telematic projects.

John Durham Peters “The Vicissitudes of Interaction at a Distance”

Sarah O’Halloran performs the container of light in Matthew Burtner’s “Golden Sparrow”

MICE performing at ZeroSpace

Ted Coffey and Aaron Henderson 4-channel video piece

Zerospace was created in 2011 at the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee by Matthew Burtner. The 2013 Conference was produced by Sarah O’Halloran and Matthew Burtner, with Dave Topper, Technical Director. It was hosted by OpenGrounds — Lindsey Hepler, Manager; and Bill Sherman, Director. The Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures and the Department of Music also helped produce and sponsor this event with support from the Buckner W. Clay Endowment of the Humanities.

More information at http://www.nomads.music.virginia.edu/zerospace