Monthly: April 2013

“Cloudprints” for instrumental and computer ensemble

A new version of the telematic work “Cloudprints” for instrumental ensemble and computer ensemble is now available for download. Performers playing sine wave generators from the computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard join a mixed ensemble of instrumental performers to perform this telematic work. The download includes the Max patches, electronic backing track, pdf score, […]

Athens International Film Festival features Burtner’s ecoacoustics/video music

The Athens International Film Festival and NoBrow Music will present a concert of Matthew Burtner’s music for ecoacoustics and film/video. This residency launches a major new commission¬†by Arts Ohio, the International Film Festival, and NoBrow called “Deep Earth” which will be premiered at the 2014 Film Festival. A sneak peak of the new work will […]

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Matthew Burtner “Auksalaq” music

a living, breathing Tour de Force. This avant-garde musical production provides a vehicle for an expanding societal conversation. Auksalaq is a significant cultural event that marries science as the brain, art as the heart and culture as the soul in our search for awareness and sustainability. … Auksalaq can be a political and social driver […]