Monthly: July 2013

(dis)Appearances Berlin performances by Sarah Plum

This August, Sarah Plum will perform the German premiere of my work (dis)Appearances¬†for a (dis)embodied violin. She will perform the piece twice, on August 23 at Elias Kuppelsaal and at Quiet Cue, on August 24. (dis)Appearances is technically challenging for the violinist as it involves the use of specially-designed interactive software and hardware controllers to […]

EcoSono Institute Alaska Wrap-up

This June I led a group of 10 musicians through Alaska for the annual EcoSono Institute. Here is my final wrap-up report of our activities as we explored the ecology of Alaska, recording the sounds of humpback and orca whales, sea lions, puffin and kittiwake seabirds, glaciers, forest birds, and water of all sorts. We traveled from the mountains to the ocean, and held classes about ecoacoustics, digital music, environmentalism, biology, orienteering and composition at Alaska Pacific University. We gave a final concert at Grant Hall in Anchorage.