Monthly: October 2013

Matthew Burtner popular tracks on Spotify

Artists make albums but listeners make mixes. I was delighted to find some rarely performed or mentioned pieces on the Matthew Burtner Spotify ”popular tracks” list. The Spotify popular tracks list shows the most played songs by that artist on Spotify. My list includes some classic pieces such as “Portals of Distortion” for nine tenor saxophones […]

With Dinah Gray Dance, Chris Chafe and Da Capo Chamber Ensemble at the Technosonics Festival

The Technosonics Festival at UVA took on the theme of Music and Motion and featured  stunning dance/choreography, and spirited musical performances by Da Capo Ensemble, Chris Chafe, I-Jen Fang and myself.  ”Carving Light From Earth” music by Matthew Burtner, Choreography by Dinah Gray, Dance by Ellen Crooks, Olivia Howard, Anna Reimold, Lauren Thomas. Da Capo Ensemble […]

“Cloudprints” for instrumental and computer ensemble upcoming performances

“Cloudprints” for instrumental and computer ensembles will be performed at Arizona State University and Ohio State University in the coming months. At ASU, Garrett Johnson will lead the LOrkAS laptop orchestra with the ACME New Music Ensemble, and at OSU, Aaron Michael Butler will lead the No Brow Music Collective in these performances. Cloudprints is […]

You Sink Into the Singing Snow

(2012/2013) for voice and electronics. 7′