Monthly: January 2017

Music for Climate Science at NASA

Matthew Burtner has been collaborating with NASA on “Music for Climate Science.” In 2017 he visited the Goddard Space Center to share his discoveries merging atmospheric, hydrologicic, land and sea ice, and ocean system data with harmonic, rhythmic and melodic musical systems in works such as “Auksalaq”, “Threnody (Sikugivik)” and “Ice Cycle” at the PARCA […]

“Festival of Whispers” premiere at the SoundON Festival of Modern Music

“Festival of Whispers” (2017), commissioned by the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in honor of the 20th anniversary collaboration with San Diego New Music and the 10th anniversary of SoundOn Festival, opened in January, 2017. The work includes a multichannel sound installation and a series of headphone listening stations. Listeners hear the sound of the […]