Monthly: August 2018

“Glacier Music” Ecoacoustics of glaciers album release

a fascinating work of unimaginable auditory beauty. Sonograma Magazine (Spain)   the rewards are well worth the time spent getting to know these incredibly intricate pieces… A rich, refreshing album of relaxing music. Review Graveyard (England)   fascinating blends of natural sounds invite reflection about the global issues of planetary warming that are impacting the glaciers. […]


Transient Landscapes

Transient Landscapes for percussion and multichannel ecoacoustics Matthew Burtner 6-channel mobile speaker network audio files for audience participation [1] High 1    [2] High 2    [3] High 3    [4] High 4    [5] High 5    [6] High 6  Anyone can participate in a performance of “Transient Landscape” by playing one of the glacier sound files and moving around […]