Monthly: August 2018

“Glacier Music” Ecoacoustics of glaciers album release

  GLACIER MUSIC: ECOACOUSTICS OF GLACIERS Matthew Burtner featuring the Albemarle Ensemble, Rivanna Quartet, Brandon Bell and Trevor Saint Matthew Burtner returns to Ravello Records with the haunting beauty of GLACIER MUSIC, an electroacoustic collection featuring the Alaskan natural landscape as the central instrument. Most of the natural sounds were recorded on Alaskan glaciers, featuring the […]


Transient Landscapes

Transient Landscapes for percussion and multichannel ecoacoustics Matthew Burtner 6-channel mobile speaker network audio files for audience participation [1] High 1    [2] High 2    [3] High 3    [4] High 4    [5] High 5    [6] High 6  Anyone can participate in a performance of “Transient Landscape” by playing one of the glacier sound files and moving around […]