Monthly: November 2019

Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain: album and sheet music publication

Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain (2016) for percussion ensemble and field recording has been released by Innova Records on the “Speed of Sound” album by I-Jen Fang and the UVA Percussion Ensemble. The album was created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Music Department at the University of Virginia, which corresponds with the beginnings […]

Festival of Whispers

Festival of Whispers (2017.2019)was commissioned by the Athenaeum Library of Art and Music in La Jolla, CA as a sound installation for the SoundON Festival of Modern Music. The piece is about coastal erosion as cultural erosion. It includes a chamber ensemble work (expanded in 2019), a multichannel sound installation, and a series of headphone […]

BBC Radio3 “Myths, Dreams and Fire” feature

“Threnody (Sikuigvik) is a dancing death throw that Matthew’s electronics turn into a creeping tragedy, and the whole album, Glacier Music, is a beautiful apocalypse.” BBC’s Radio3 presents “Myths, Dreams and Fire” by host Tom Service, featuring new music by Matthew Burtner, Leafcutter John, Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Dave Smith, Elaine Mitchener, Julian Day and Eliane Radigue.

Profiled from Atmospheres

Profiled from Atmospheres (2017) for alto saxophone, percussion and greenhouse gas atmospheric sonifica- tions was commissioned by the Weiss/Soflin Duo with a consortium of commissioners. The piece tracks the three primary greenhouse gasses emitted by humans across the years 1959, 1987, 2015 and projected to 2050. The atmospheric profiles result in four chords that define the […]

Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier

for percussion and computer duration = 9′ “Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier” (2014) was commissioned by Brandon Bell with support from the Presser Music Award. The music was created from a recording of Alaska’s Root Glacier. The unique and visceral presence of glaciers is disappearing across the planet because we live in a time […]

Sound Cast of Matanuska Glacier

Sound Cast of Matanuska Glacier (2015-2019) is a multichannel surround sound installation and a concert work for chamber ensemble and glacier ecoacoustics. Instrumentation: flute, Bb clarinet, F horn, 2 violin, viola, cello, bass The sound installation mixes many channels of coincidental audio into a multichannel diffusion for a gallery installation context. Listeners can walk around the […]

Threnody (Sikuigvik)

version for open instrumentation ensemble and glacier ecoacoustics (2015) Threnody (Sikuigvik) was composed at the request of the US State Department for performance during President Obama’s 2015 visit to Alaska. The work was first presented as an installation in the Anchorage Museum of Art as music emanating from inside an 800lb block of glacier ice, […]

The Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain

for ice rain field recording, two marimbas each with one or more players, vibraphone with two players, two glockenspiel, and xylophone (2016) duration is 9′ I listened to the sound of an ice rain crackle on the leaves of a magnolia tree, and imagined how the changing density, temperature and humidity of the air effects […]