Monthly: January 2020

grand rights licensing of Matthew Burtner’s music

Museums and galleries : The basic license to include a sound art work by Matthew Burtner in an exhibition with free admission is $100.  Normally, museum and gallery exhibitions fall under grand rights and do not pay performance royalties. This fee covers the use of a piece in such grand rights contexts. This fee is […]

Elegy / Muir Glacier, 1889-2009

“Elegy (from Muir Glacier, 1889-2009)” for violin and glacier ecoacoustics (4’30″), or for stereo sound installation (26′) Since Thomas Hill painted “Muir Glacier, 1889,” in 1889, the glacier has experienced a ruinous melt and retreat. The tidewater glacier left the water altogether by the early 1990s and continued to shrink up the valley away from Muir Inlet, […]