Album Release: “That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies”


Matthew Burtner’s solo album “That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies” featuring I-Jen Fang was released by Centaur Records on CD and as digital download/streaming. It is distributed by Naxos and available at, Presto Classical, The Classical Shop, Classics Online, CD Universe, Google Play, NhacUs,, Amazon.DE and in physical record stores.

The music explores embodiment through the combination of electro-acoustics, computer sound synthesis, and live instrumental performance.

[1] That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies (8:05)
for Tibetan bowl and computer-generated sound
[2] Siku Unipkaaq (5:22)
for four glockenspiel and computer-generated sound

[3] Carving Light From Earth (11:18)
for computer-generated sound

[4] Stones Touch the Sky (5:52)
for stones, computer noise generator and Tibetan field recordings

[5] ∆7 (7:14)
for disassembled saxophone, low frequencies and subwoofer
[6] ∆5 (2:28)
for saxophone-controlled radio transceiver

[7] ∆6 (2:25)
for tenor saxophone and air compressor

[8] ∆4 (6:33)
for low frequencies and saxophone feedback