Category: piece

Winter Raven (Ukiuq Tulugaq)

a multimedia theatre work for instrumental ensemble, multi-channel computer sound and video, dance, voices, theatrical staging and lighting.


(2008-2012) for instrumental ensemble and computer ensemble. c. 20′

Golden Sparrow

(2012) for trumpet, light and electronics. c.6′

Microplastic PET

(2012) for voice, percussion, plastics and computer. c. 3:30″

Song for Low Tree

(2011) for percussion and electronics. c. 13′

Citlaltepetl Vertex

(2011) for acoustic guitar and electronics. c. 15′

Syntax of Snow

(2011) for 1-4 glockenspiel and amplified snow. c. 7′


(2005/2010) for 1-3 flutes and mixed ensemble. c. 12′

Spectral Arctic Ice Triangulations

(2010) for amplified water percussion with computer sound. c. 12′


(2010) for 1-3 pianos with electronics. c. 24′