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Avian Telemetry

for percussion ensemble, poetry, and avian ecoacoustics duration = c. 33’ instrumentation: * 24 plastic egg rattles * 4 small electric fans with front grill removed * 8 stiff feathers * 2 large concert bass drums * 4 guiros * 4 snare drums * 6 ocarinas * 4 vibraslaps * 4 flexatones * 4 cabasa * […]

grand rights licensing of Matthew Burtner’s music

Museums and galleries : The basic license to include a sound art work by Matthew Burtner in an exhibition with free admission is $100.  Normally, museum and gallery exhibitions fall under grand rights and do not pay performance royalties. This fee covers the use of a piece in such grand rights contexts. This fee is […]

Elegy / Muir Glacier, 1889-2009

“Elegy (from Muir Glacier, 1889-2009)” for violin and glacier ecoacoustics (4’30″), or for stereo sound installation (26′) Since Thomas Hill painted “Muir Glacier, 1889,” in 1889, the glacier has experienced a ruinous melt and retreat. The tidewater glacier left the water altogether by the early 1990s and continued to shrink up the valley away from Muir Inlet, […]

Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock)

Scored for two trumpets, ensemble and sonic geography, Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock) was composed for Glen Whitehead, Cuong Vu, Peak Frequency & the Heller Center and was commissioned by Peak Frequency for the UCCS Founders Festival, 2015. The work uses geological sonifications of Eagle Rock in Colorado Springs and field recordings from around the Heller Center. The trumpets portray […]


(2013) for percussion and electronics

Flute Code

(2013) for flute and laptop, c. 8′