“Cloudprints” for instrumental and computer ensemble upcoming performances

“Cloudprints” for instrumental and computer ensembles will be performed at Arizona State University and Ohio State University in the coming months. At ASU, Garrett Johnson will lead the LOrkAS laptop orchestra with the ACME New Music Ensemble, and at OSU, Aaron Michael Butler will lead the No Brow Music Collective in these performances.

Cloudprints is scored for mixed, pitched instrumental ensemble, and an ensemble of computers controlled either from the computer keyboard or by MIDI keyboards. The piece was composed for performance over a network with instrumental groups playing from remote physical locations but it can also be performed by co-located musicians.

Cloudprints contains three separate systems that can be arranged in different ways and performed for varying duration. Typically a performance lasts about 20 minutes and alternates between the different elements. It could be shorter or longer, or much longer. Normally the piece begins with Cloudprints I and ends with Cloudprints III but it is not necessary to play all the parts.

The musical form models the movement of clouds through carefully composed open notational systems. Cloudprints I and II model specific movements of gaseous systems, and Cloudprints III sonifies images of real cloud formations into musical notation in a process of direct translation.

Cloudprints_score_excerpt Cloudprints_score_exc2


The flexibility of the piece, featuring an indeterminate instrumentation and open technology that can be realized on multiple laptop computers, makes this piece attractive for university ensembles such as a “laptop orchestra” or mixed and variable new music ensemble. The score and patches are available for download here: http://matthewburtner.com/cloudprints/