“Deep Earth” premiere at Athens International Film Festival


“Deep Earth”, Matthew Burtner’s 6-movement, 45′ work for chamber ensemble, computer sound and video, premiered at the 2014 Athens International Film Festival.  Commissioning ensemble, NoBrow Collective performed the piece to an enthusiastic full house at the Central Venue in Athens, OH. The composition explores tectonic and seismic ecoacoustics and mining practices such as hydraulic fracturing. Each movement of “Deep Earth” is dedicated to a scientist who made major advances in our understanding of the earth. Burtner worked with the Athens Center for Film and Video who provided the source footage used in the videos. The featured musicians of NoBrow included Amelia Thornton (violin), James Farley (viola), Andy Gross (clarinet), Greg Sigman (saxophone), Eli Chambers (basses and guitars), Aaron Michael Butler (percussion), and Joey Van Hassel (percussion). In addition to playing their own instruments, the score of Deep Earth asks the musicians to perform ecoacoustic materials such as shale and earth, and specially constructed instruments such as “Tectonic Machines” and a “Seismograph Machine”.

WOUB Ohio said the piece suggests ”that when we work in harmony with the earth, amazing things are possible; when we try to control it or work against it, the outcome can be terrifying.” Read an interview with NoBrow Director, Aaron Butler, Deep Earth creator, Matthew Burtner, and Film Festival Director, Ruth Bradley here: http://woub.org/2014/04/15/environment-provides-inspiration-multimedia-piece-deep-earth .

More information on the Athens Film Festival Deep Earth events here: http://athensfilmfest.org/deep-earth/

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