for acoustic, electric and computer violin, 1-3 players (2003)
duration is c. 8′
(dis)Appearances (2003) is scored for an increasingly disembodied violin. The piece creates form out of states of disembodiment as the violin is abstracted from an acoustic instrument to a solid body electric instrument and finally to an impossible mathematical model of a string parametrically controlled by a computer multi-slider. The piece begins with the player blowing the acoustic violin. The blowing gradually becomes bowing. She explores a new mode of articulating the instrument and in this way points towards the computer modeled violin at the end of the piece which can create sound outside the realm of physical possibility. The material property of the computer string changes at will, for example from metal to glass to ice to rubber. The string also changes to impossibly short or long lengths, and the bow is applied with the force and speed of a turbine engine. (dis)Appearances was premiered in Venice, Italy on the Risonanze Festival by Ensemble Sofia.

score excerpt

(dis)Appearances score and software
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