Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock)

Scored for two trumpets, ensemble and sonic geography, Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock) was composed for Glen Whitehead, Cuong Vu, Peak Frequency & the Heller Center and was commissioned by Peak Frequency for the UCCS Founders Festival, 2015. The work uses geological sonifications of Eagle Rock in Colorado Springs and field recordings from around the Heller Center. The trumpets portray sunlight, radiating off the rock and into the valley, illuminating the unique geographical features of the area. The data and field recordings used to compose the music were collected as part of the Sonic Landscapes/EcoSono summer course at UCCS in 2013 and 2014. Special thanks to UCCS geography professor Brandon Vogt for sharing knowledge on the structure and formation of Eagle Rock. The electronic part combines computer-generated sound made from the sonification of rock data, and field recoridngs. The instruments also sound the geography through rhythm, harmony, texture and melody using various ecoacoustic mapping techniques.


trumpet 1 in Bb
trumpet 2 in Bb
alto saxophone in Eb
keyboard (piano or similar)
electric guitar
contrabass (upright bass played pizz and arco)
percussion 1: sand blocks, vibraphone, large bass drum, small bass drum, low tom, three medium toms, two high drums such as bongos, four high wood blocks or tuned piece of shale, two shaker rattles (to be played while holding drum sticks), amplified bowl of dirt and stone (use geophone or contact microphone for amplification)
percussion 2: stones (amplified), snare drum, cymbals (with sticks, soft sticks and brushes), assorted drums, amplified bowl of dirt and stone (use geophone or contact microphone for amplification)
audience interaction: each audience member receives two small stones and a personal score (numbered 1-100)

Video About Ecoacoustics

Complete Premiere Performance

Score Excerpts

EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt8 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt7 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt5 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt4 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt3 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt6EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt2 EcoacousticConcerto-scoreexcerpt1


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