Matthew Burtner’s music explores the performative transition across physical spaces and between physical and virtual environments. Instrumental performance with technology inspires the creation of new tools that allow performers to interface with such virtual environments or across expanded physical distance. Burtner’s research with alternate computer controllers, physical modeling synthesis and telematics stems from an interest in exploring the fluidity between real and virtual spaces, and the sense of connection/separation and magic we have when experiencing staged performances. Please see the Ecoacoustics page for more information on this related research path. For a list of compositions dealing with instrumental (dis)Embodiment click here 

[0] ZeroSpace initiative on distance and interaction

NOMADS telematic software project

(dis)Embodied Touch: a performance series on theatre, music and healing

research papers:

Network Socio-Synthesis and Emergence in NOMADS: co-written with Steven Kemper and David Topper. “Journal of Organized Sound” 17(1), Cambridge University Press

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