Emmy Award for “Making Music with Glaciers and Snow”


Making Music with Glaciers and Snow, a piece about Matthew Burtner’s music, won a Northwest Regional Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The show, produced by Alaska Public Media’s Valerie Kern won in the “Environmental – Program – Feature/Segment” category. First airing on Indie Alaska, the show was picked up as a feature on PBS NewsHour. Burtner’s album

“Glacier Music” continues to receive strong listener support. Sonograma Magazine from Spain calls the album “a fascinating work of unimaginable auditory beauty”; and England’s Review Graveyard writes that “the rewards are well worth the time spent getting to know these incredibly intricate pieces… A rich, refreshing album of relaxing music.” The album, available as a CD imprint and on streaming platforms, features the Rivanna String Quartet, the Albemarle Ensemble, Trevor Saint, and Brandon Bell.

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