Kuik (Aria)

for soprano voice, narrator and percussion (2006)
with computer sound and video
version without narrator and percussion for solo voice, computer sound and video
requires the included Kuik software for live vocal processing
duration is 13′

Kuik (aria) (2006) is a multimedia chamber work for sung and spoken voice, percussion, interactive computer music and digital video. The piece was extracted as an independent chamber piece from the full staged multimedia opera, Kuik for performance at the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art in New York by VIA. Kuik adopts a legend about the flow of water from the mountain glaciers into the ocean along the Kvichak River in Alaska. The story communicates a wish for peace between diverse cohabitants of unique natural spaces.  It traces the water’s movement using place names drawing on a confluence of languages including Dena’ina, Yup’ik, Alutiq, Russian and English.  Government maps of the region include few named locations, but the places on this river have deep significance to the people, and the names in use by people living along the river tell of a rich and changing history between the people and the land.

score excerpt
Kuik (aria) performance materials
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