Matthew Burtner popular tracks on Spotify

Artists make albums but listeners make mixes. I was delighted to find some rarely performed or mentioned pieces on the Matthew Burtner Spotify¬†”popular tracks” list. The Spotify popular tracks list shows the most played songs by that artist on Spotify. My list includes some classic pieces such as “Portals of Distortion” for nine tenor saxophones and “Mists” for stones and noise, but it also includes some less well-known pieces such as “Spectral for 60″ written for my parents 60th birthday and “Spectral for 0″ written for my son’s birth day.

I rarely if ever listen to my music outside of working on it, but on a recent road trip across America I streamed the top Matthew Burtner tracks on Spotify and quite enjoyed it.

Spotify only streams three of my albums currently. Here is the full discography, including several new releases:



Stream Matthew Burtner on Spotify here.