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The music on this CD is as mysterious and fascinating as the instrument itself…Matthew Burtner has out done himself with this CD and the Metasaxophone. It is a new instrument with new and exciting textures for the saxophone world. His innovative music will stimulate the listener’s imagination. We can almost equate this CD to the mind blowing experience in 2001 Space Odyssey when the hero enters the monolith and the audience was treated to a great light show. Except in this case we are given a sound show that is equally mind blowing. From the singing bowl to the nine acoustic tenor saxophones there is nothing here that is humdrum, routine or expected. This CD will open the window to your imagination. Don’t let this CD go by without hearing it at least a few dozen times.
Saxophone Journal, Review of Metasaxophone Colossus by Paul Wagner

The Metasaxophone (1999) is an acoustic tenor saxophone retrofitted with an onboard computer microprocessor, and an array of sensors that convert performance data into independent continuous control messages for a computer. The instrument has additionally been outfitted with a unique microphone system allowing for detailed control of the amplified sound. While maintaining full acoustic functionality, the metasax is also a versatile computer controller and an electric instrument.

A primary motivation behind the Metasaxophone is to put signal processing under direct expressive control of the performer. Through the combination of gestural and audio performance tracking, employing both discrete and continuous multilayered mapping strategies, the Metasaxophone can be adapted for a wide range of musical purposes.

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publications and recordings:

Two albums of Burtner’s Metasaxophone music have been recorded and published by INNOVA Records. The albums are available for download or as CDs at iTunes, and ( ).

Portals of Distortion
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Metasaxophone Colossus
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