Microplastic PET

for voice, percussion and plastics (2012)
with electronics and signal processing
duration is 3:30″
commissioned by Nuno Aroso

Microplastic PET is a song about ocean plastics and coastal trash. The text comes from the “International Coastal Cleanup” organized by the Ocean Conservancy, a project for which hundreds of thousands of volunteers cleaned up ocean trash along coasts around the world. The most common trash objects are listed in the song creating a poetic vortex of trash. The striking amount of plastic in the ocean, particularly the Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and microplastic particicles, inspired the song title and chorus. The performers play ampli”ed and computer-processed plastics along with percussion instruments and voice. Microplastic PET is a work of “upcycled” art. It was commissioned by Nuno Aroso.

 score excerpt

score and software
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