Music for Climate Science at NASA

NASAlogoOn January 24 at NASA’s Goddard Space Center, Matthew Burtner will present “Music for Climate Science”, in which he will share his discoveries merging atmospheric, hydrologicic, land and sea ice, and ocean system data with harmonic, rhythmic and melodic musical systems in works such as “Auksalaq”, “Threnody (Sikugivik)” and “Ice Cycle”. He will discuss how music can contribute to climate science, and announce an interdisciplinary Ecoacoustics program at the University of Virginia.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center hosts the Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) meeting. Researchers share their advances in remote sensing, satellite analyses, field data acquisition, and ice-sheet modeling. PARCA 2017 will continue these themes, with a focus on Greenland, and highlighting work that specifically integrates observations or modeling with an enhanced understanding of the processes driving the changes in the ice sheet, which ultimately contribute to sea-level rise.

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NasasatIcephoto credit: Jeff Schmaltz, NASA/GSFC