New Music Box feature

New Music Box’s Alexandra Gardner’s has created a beautiful spotlight article and video interview called “Matthew Burtner: Engaging the Natural World”. She talks about his childhood in Alaska, his interest in interactive ecoacoustics and the recent performance of his Auksalaq opera in New York and Washington DC. In this feature she coins the term “appera” about Auksalaq (something she overheard from audience members at the performance). The video includes excerpts from Auksalaq, and Burtner’s ecoacoustic works “Syntax of Snow” and “Sandprints”.

Auksalaq might be the only opera with its own audience interactive app (iOS and Android) that allows the audience to create texts for the singers, sounds that harmonize and articulate the music, and visual display of interconnectivity across all the performance stages.

Everything about Auksalaq is intended to highlight the concepts of remoteness and interconnectivity, which by the end of the work do not seem to conflict in any way.

Read Ms Gardner’s spotlight here on New Music Box.