NOMADS (Network-Object Mobile-Agent Dynamic System) was invented by Matthew Burtner and the Interactive Media Research Group (IMRG) at UVA, with primary research co-creators/developers David Topper and Steven Kemper.
NOMADS is a tool for interaction across remote or local networks. The system transforms the way students engage in classes, how audience members interact in performances venues, and how large remote groups collaborate. Working in counterpoint with traditional audio/video connectivity, or as part of an enriched gathering, NOMADS gives participants access to a unique suite of software tools for individual and group expression. These tools are accessed over the existing wireless network using the phones, laptops and other web-enabled devices people already carry with them. The software parses participant input to reveal valuable group trends and to allow individual expressions in counterpoint with a presentation. It encourages artful discourse and a deeper engagement with a subject.

The NOMADS prototype was developed by UVA’s Interactive Media Research Group (IMRG) in 2009/2010 with support from a Buckner Clay Endowment Grant. It has been applied for education at UVA and the University of Missouri Kansas City. NOMADS is a key component in the “Auksalaq” multimedia opera, and it has been used by the MICE Orchestra and electronica duo, Matmos in concerts.

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Download the “Socio-Synthesis and Emergence in NOMADS” article for Cambridge University Press Organized Sound.

The Auksalaq NOMADS iOS and Android App is available for phones and tablets in the Google Play and iTunes Stores

Auksalaq NOMADS is an iOS app that allows audience members to interact with the Auksalaq
multimedia work in real time during a performance.

Auksalaq NOMADS requires three things working together:
1) applications running on iOS mobile devices
2) the Main Display which shows the merged input of all the performers
3) the Conductor Control Panel to turn on functionality and control Display elements.


When you download the app here is what you see:

The buttons are greyed out and inactive until the interface is activated by the Conductor Controller in a performance.

The iOS devices generate sound according to the music of Auksalaq. And the audience input creates group socio-synthesis sounding from the hall sound system.

The Main Display synthesizes audience input into an elaborate projection of sound, text and graphics. Your input is merged with the input of all the other users on the NOMADS network and projected on a Main Display and sounded out of speakers.