Palladian Echoes (from Sound Cast of San Giorgio Maggiore)

A work of sonic architecture, Sound Cast of San Giorgio Maggiore, created in collaboration with architect Anselmo Canfora, remaps a sonic cast of Palladio’s San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice  onto another space through multichannel audio. Within the multichannel sound installation, a chorus performs an original composition based on the interior of the cathedral. The work can be presented as a concert work or as an installation piece. The materials here include a stereo mix of the interior portion of the church and the choral score. The track begins with the Venice bells and the chorus enters after they die down. The entire sound cast includes recordings made underwater in the Grande Canal of Venice crossing the water to the island of San Giorgior. It also includes recordings from within the foundation of the cathedral, inside the walls, outside the bell tower and resonances inside the bell itself.  A diagram of the installation plan is included below the score excerpts below. Please contact the composer for the multichannel installation materials. The performance featured here is by the University of Virginia Chamber Singers, directed by Michael Slon.

Score Excerpts




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