Six Ambient Extensions

for percussion ensemble (2010)
with electronics
the pieces are intended for performance in conjunction with the “Six Ecoacoustic Quintets” but they could also be performed independently in the correct forum .
duration is c. 30′

No. 1, Water (ice) for water percussion and computer sound

No. 2, Wood (pitch) for wooden and pitched percussion and computer sound

No. 3, Stone (sand) for sand blocks, stones and computer sound

No. 4, Metal (noise) for metal percussion and computer sound

No. 5, Air (breath) for vocal percussion and computer sound

No. 6, Skin (bones) for body percussion, bones and computer sound

The “Ambient Extensions” accompany the “Six Ecoacoustic Quintets.” These “Extensions” are optional additions to the “Quintets,” and are to be performed along with the “Quintets” by any indeterminate number of performers.

The pieces may also be played remotely, in a dislocated space linked by telematics to the concert space in which the “Quintets” are performed.

Alternately the pieces may also be separated by time. For example, if the “Quintet” are played in a concert, the “Extension” might be performed later. This scenario enables outdoor performances and could be used for a guided, post-concert meditation.

As with the “Quintets, ”the “Extensions” may be performed as a set or individually. They are only sold as part of the “Six EcoAcoustic Quintets”

score excerpt

performance image

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