Six Ecoacoustic Quintets

for percussion quintet (2009)
duration is c. 33′
Each of the individual pieces may be performed independently.
The mp3 above contains one minute excerpts from each movement.
The score is 140 pages and contains the “Six Ambient Extensions”.

The “Six Ecoacoustic Quintets” for percussion quintet express elemental human relationships with the environ- ment through music. These pieces express the environmental, physical, mental and spiritual complexities of human-nature dialectics. As humans affect and control the natural environment, the changes we create reflect back onto our species’ behavior, psyche and imagination. The Six Quintets set up elemental systems of tension that point to this abstraction: Water (ice), Wood (pitch), Stone (sand), Metal (noise), Air (breath), and Skin (bones). These movements progress from the outward material affects of our behavior (melting ice) to our body and breath as material.

The score sets four highly technical percussion parts with a fifth more free and less technical part. The fifth part is suitable for performance by a “special guest” in of a percussion quartet, by a non-percussionist musician, by a teacher working with a student percussion group, or by a dancer or theatrical performer.

Video About Ecoacoustics


score excerpt (the score is 140 pages and uses many different notation types)


Six EcoAcoustic Quintets score and elec.
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