“Song for Low Tree” spring performances

“Song for Low Tree” (2012) is being performed by several fantastic percussionists this spring. Commissioned by Nick Fox and written for a kit of wood blocks, log drum, low drum and bass drum the piece uses custom interactive software to process the voice of the performer and the percussion sounds, merging these signals with tree respiration ecoacoustics. Details on these events can be found¬†here.

Liz Soflin, March 27, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Josh Spaulding, April 9, University of Tennessee, Martin, TN
Nick Fox, April 13, 2013, Northern Illinois Univeristy, Dekalb, IL
Aaron Butler, April 14, 2013, Athens International Film Festival, University of Athens, OH

Song for Low Tree : a melody from human exhalation, transposed several octaves lower into the range of a bass tree, the rate of a drum, a log, pieces of wood; in counterpoint with patterns from a tree exhalation, transposed several factors up into the rate of a human song.