With digital orders you will be able to download the materials immediately after purchase. If the piece involves video, a DVD will be mailed to you. The ZIP files contain high-resolution PDF/AIFF files and can be quite large. Some very large digital archives only ship on a hard drive. Most pieces are also available as physical bound scores with CD/DVD and shipping costs included in the purchase price.

To arrange rental of performance parts for the larger instrumental pieces, please write to

In order to perform Matthew Burtner’s music in public the score must be purchased from an authorized publisher (including on this website). The one-time score purchase includes lifetime musical performance permission for the purchaser of that piece. In addition, the performance rights for the music are registered with and licensed by BMI. This permission is for live musical performance. Grand rights use and recording need to be negotiated separately and do not apply to this agreement.

Technical support is included with every purchase. Matthew Burtner is available to answer questions and offer support to bring the music to life. Please email for questions about the music or technology. Particularly with the works involving custom software, some tech support will be necessary.

No returns/exchanges can be accepted but any defective files will be promptly replaced.

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  • disAppearances_FormCircles_square (dis)Appearances
    Order (dis)Appearances score and software
  • disintegrations_square (dis)Integrations
    Order (dis)Integrations score and electronics
  • DisLocationsVideoStill_web_sq (dis)Locations
    Order (dis)Locations performance materials
  • DisSensusSquare_web (dis)Sensus
    Order (dis)Sensus score and software
  • 99Instances8_square (in)Stances
    Order (in)Stances handmade steel and magnet score mail order @ $100.00
  • AaaLava_square A’aa
    Order A'aa score and electronics
  • AesAer_square Aes/Aer
    Order Aes/Aer score and electronics
  • AnimusAnima_score_exc_square Animus/Anima
    Order Anumus/Anima score and elec
  • Anugi_videostill_square Anugi Unipkaaq
    Order Anugi Unipkaaq performance materials
  • AuksalaqLogo_square2_web Auksalaq
    Order Musical score, audio and computer parts on hard drive
  • AvianTelemetryLogo_sm Avian Telemetry
    Order Avian Telemetry score and electronics
  • BrakeDrum_web_square Broken Drum
    Order Broken Drum score and elec
  • chateau2Views_square Cezanne Study
    Order Cezanne Study score
  • Circles_square Circles
    Order Circles score
  • ColinCitlaltepetl1_square Citlaltepetl Vertex
    Order Citlaltepetl Vertex score and elec
  • Cloudprints_sketch_square Cloudprints
    Order Cloudprints score
  • CoralAttraction_square Coral Attraction
    Order Coral Attraction score and elec
  • Deep Earth
    Order Deep Earth score/electronics/videos
  • Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock)
    Order Ecoacoustic Concerto score/electronics
  • Ecotones
    Order Ecotones score and elec
  • ThomasHillPaintingSquare Elegy / Muir Glacier, 1889-2009
    Order violin score, electronic part, full Muir Glacier audio
  • Endprint_square Endprint
    Order Endprint score and pre-recorded sax parts
  • Fern_square Fern
    Order Fern high quality stereo audio file download @ $3.95
  • Festival of Whispers
    Order ensemble score + software + parts
  • FluteCode_square_web Flute Code
    Order Flute Code score and electronics
  • FragmentsFanfares_square_web Fragments (Fanfares)
    Order Fragments/Fanfares score
  • FragmentsFromCold1_square_web Fragments from Cold
    Order Fragments from Cold score and elec
  • GlassPhase_web_square Glass Phase
    Order Glass Phase high quality audio file download @ $3.95
  • GoldenSparrowSunset_square Golden Sparrow
    Order score and electronic
  • IceprintsScore_square_web Iceprints
    Order Iceprints score and elec.
  • InaWhiteLight_square In a White Light
    Order In a White Light score and noise track
  • Incantation1_square Incantation 1
  • BurtnerUPIC_Incant2_square Incantation 2
  • playingmetasax2speakers Incantation S4
    Order Incantation S4 score and elec
  • IncantationS4X_scoreexcerpt_square Incantation S4-X
    Order Incantation S4-X score and elec
  • Kuik_square_title2 Kuik
    Order Kuik performance materials on hard drive
  • KuikSequence_square_web Kuik (Aria)
    Order Kuik (aria) performance materials
  • KuniklukVideoStill_square Kunikluk
    Order Kunikluk performance materials
  • MicroplasticPet_square_web Microplastic PET
    Order score and software
  • MistsStones_square Mists
    Order Mists score and electronics
  • Palladian Echoes (from Sound Cast of San Giorgio Maggiore)
    Order Palladian Echoes score and elec
  • Polyrhythmicana_square Polyrhythmicana
    Order Polyrhythmicana musical score and 4-channel click tracks
  • WebPortals_square Portals of Distortion
    Order Portals of Distortion score
  • PrismicGen_square Prismic Generations
    Order Prismic Generations performance materials
  • Profiled from Atmospheres
    Order musical score and software
  • PullingLight_square Pulling in the Light
    Order Pulling in the Light score
  • Rend_max_square Rend
    Order Rend score and software
  • Ricercare_square Ricercare
  • Basic CMYK Signal Ruins
    Order Signal Ruins 1 and 2, and short version score and electronics
  • Siknik5_square Siknik Unipkaaq
    Order performance materials
  • Siku3_square Siku Unipkaaq
    Order Siku Unipkaaq performance materials
  • Sikuigvik_p12_web_square Sikuigvik
    Order Sikuigvik musical score
  • AmbientExtensionWood_square_web Six Ambient Extensions
  • SixQuintets_square Six Ecoacoustic Quintets
    Order Six EcoAcoustic Quintets score and elec.
  • SnowprintsVidExcerpts_square Snowprints
    Order Snowprints performance materials
  • rivanna-string-quartet2_square Somata/Asomata
    Order Somata/Asomata score and elec
  • SongForLowTree_square Song for Low Tree
    Order score and software
  • Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier
    Order musical score and software
  • Sound Cast of Matanuska Glacier
    Order musical score and electronics
  • WaterIceAmbientExtension_square Spectral Arctic Ice Triangulations
    Order Spectral Arctic Ice score and elec
  • SplitVoices_scoreexcerpt_square Split Voices
    Order Split Voices score, elec and reference recording
  • MICEEquatorialSxueak_web_square Sxueak
    Order Sxueak score and software
  • SyntaxofSnow_mix_web Syntax of Snow
    Order Syntax of Snow score
  • Taruyamaarutet_square Taruyamaarutet
  • BowlDomeRoom_web That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies
    Order That Which Is Bodiless performance materials
  • The Ceiling Floats Away
    Order Ceiling Floats Away score and electronics
  • The Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain
    Order Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain score and electronics
  • Zahir_square The Zahir
    Order Zahir score
  • Threnody (Sikuigvik)
    Order instrumental score and electronics
  • Tingnikvik3_videostill_web Tingnikvik
    Order Tingnikvik performance materials
  • Variants_square Variants
    Order Variants musical score
  • ViewsofaLandscape_square_web Views of a Landscape
    Order Views of a Landscape score
  • Windgrains_square Windgrains
    Order Windgrains score
  • Windprints_square Windprints
    Order Windprints musical score
  • RavenCover_square2_sm Winter Raven (Ukiuq Tulugaq)
    Order performance materials
  • Viola_square_web Wooden Dance in Fourteen Time
    Order Wooden Dance in 14 Time score and elec.
  • SingingSnowSquare_web You Sink Into the Singing Snow
    Order You Sink Into the Singing Snow score/elec