for viola, alto sax and piano (2001)
with noise generators and video
duration is c.9′

Tingnikvik is named after the Inupiaq word meaning “the time of birds flying south and leaves falling,” or fall. The piece explores a musical ecological process by mapping systems from the environment into music. Each instrument is assigned a specific parameter of the environmental system — temperature, light and air movement. The evolution of each of these components generates the linear motion of the instrumental lines and the macrotimbre is a result of the summation of these parameters. Like the environmental changes it models,  this piece moves slowly between acoustical states. Tingnikvik is one of the earliest ecoacoustic pieces, and the technique was developed to capture the experiential rituals of environmetal processes and to uncover the magical engagement we feel when coming into contact with such systems of transformation.

video stills

score excerpt


Tingnikvik performance materials
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