Transient Landscapes

Transient Landscapes
for percussion and multichannel ecoacoustics
Matthew Burtner

6-channel mobile speaker network audio files for audience participation

[1] High 1 


[2] High 2 


[3] High 3 


[4] High 4 


[5] High 5 


[6] High 6 

Anyone can participate in a performance of “Transient Landscape” by playing one of the glacier sound files and moving around the installation. These six  files correspond to the six main percussionists (the players at the bass drums). To participate, start near one of those musicians and play the file corresponding to their location. For example, if you stand next to “perc 1″ in the diagram, you should play the audio file for “channel 1″. Next, move around the installation according to your own pace and path. By moving the audio, you are dislocating the spatial structure, and enacting a second order state of transience.