for flute and percussion (2005)
percussion instrumentation: glockenspiel, sand paper, small pebbles, maracas, large hand drum, toms (high, med, low), large muted bass drum
duration is c. 8′ (or c. 10-12′ with the two optional ritual movements 1 & 3)

Windgrains (2006) for flute and percussion explores a metaphysical system of interrelated bodies, environment and spirit. The piece uses a physical metaphor of wind’s effect on grains of ice, sand, rock and wood as a way to portray a musical ritual of human/ecology interaction. The percussion part centers around a large hand drum, here treated as a ritual object situated between the human and natural worlds. The flute (wind) enters a dialog with the drum and with a symbolic sonic ecology of rattles (wood), sand paper (sand), pebbles (stone) and bells (ice). The flute as a blown instrument coupled with the performer’s breath, represents the connection between human spirit and nature. “Windgrains” is an eight minute composition framed by two optional sound rituals. These ambient movements use the same performance configuration and are flexible in duration. “Windgrains” was commissioned by Alaskan flutist Tabatha Easley, and premiered by Easley with fellow Alaskan, percussionist Scott Deal.

score excerpt

Windgrains score
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